Unfiltered Gin 22 375ml
Unfiltered Gin 22 375ml
Unfiltered Gin 22 375ml
  • Unfiltered Gin 22 375ml

  • C$20.00

Our original Western style gin, made from a base of 100% local wine grapes and vapour distilled through 22 botanicals.


It is floral and fresh with an impressively smooth mouthfeel thanks to the unique grape base.
The mix of 22 botanicals includes many local floral notes like homegrown lavender and hibiscus.
We non-chill filter to keep all of the flavour, resulting in a slightly cloudy gin when proofed or chilled down in a cocktail.

If you were able to reach into a old photo of Hemingway and pry the gin from his hand, it might have tasted like our Unfiltered Gin 22. Why? Because he didn’t do, or drink, anything half glass or without flavour and nor do we. Our Gin 22 is so smooth and flavourful that your next martini should be straight — without the need to get dirty or be embarrassed by a vermouth.

Let this gin take you back to a time when things were done right and appreciated by people who grabbed large animals by the horns — heck, you might even run into Hemingway on your yacht.

93 Points – Wine Enthusiast, May 2015
Double Gold Medal – 2014 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Platinum Medal – 2013 SIP Awards, International Spirits Competition

*no nuts were harmed in the making of this gin!


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