Rye Vodka 750mL
Rye Vodka 750mL
  • Rye Vodka 750mL

  • C$34.95

Vodka, vodka. The real deal.


Made from our 100% Ontario rye grain based spirit, this vodka is distilled XXX times to a clean, smooth, hint-of-rye flavour finish.

Unlike the Method 95, this beauty is crafted with our tried-and-true 100% Ontario rye grain base. The Canadians say that vodka can be made just from grain or potato, and because we wanted to make sure all of our loyal friends and followers knew exactly what was in their “bottle with the blue label”, we took the leap and distilled our rye spirit to a clean and fresh, little-more neutral finish. So now we can finally and proudly put VODKA on the label!!!!

Thanks to the newest addition to our still family, Beaut, our top-notch distilling team is making this super fresh and clean vodka with the best and newest technology. Made from start to finish here at the distillery.

This vodka is the perfect addition to all your classic vodka based cocktails like a Caesar and a Moscow Mule. But smooth enough to enjoy just over ice with a few dashes of your favourite Dillon’s bitters.


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