Rye 1 Whisky 200ml
  • Rye 1 Whisky 200ml

  • C$30.00

350 bottles available for pre-order. Remaining bottles will be released in-store at the distillery.

Total Bottles: 1000
Cask: 43
Aged: 43 months
Mashbill: 100% Ontario rye
Barrelled: November 18, 2013
Oak: New Ontario oak, non-chill filtered
Volume: 200m


To be called Canadian Rye Whisky means something. To be called 100% Rye Whisky made in Canada means something more. It means pride. It means at least three full years of aging in oak casks. It means made from nothing but pure rye grain – no barley, no wheat, and no corn. It means distilled one batch at a time in pot stills – not continuously in columns. It means no flavourings and no colourings were ever added. It means what we put on the label is what is inside the bottle. It means liquid truth.

This craft rye represents the long road to fulfilling a dream of crafting an exceptional 100% Rye. It's also an exciting project for Dillon's as we explore all that Canada can do in the field of distilling; from the farmers, coopers, malters and distillers, this rye is their expression.

ARTICLE NUMBER874618001410

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