Rye 1 Whisky 200ml
  • Rye 1 Whisky 200ml

  • C$30.00


Our truest expression of Rye Whisky. Crafted with 100% Ontario rye grain, copper pot distilled, aged in new Ontario oak. Bottled at cask strength. Single cask annual release.


Total Bottles: 900
Cask: 113
Aged: 59 months
Mashbill: 100% Ontario rye
Barrelled: December 2015
Oak: New Ontario oak, non-chill filtered
Volume: 200mL
Strength: cask strength - 57.2% alc./vol

We have pulled a very special barrel for this release, the first of our second set of Ontario oak barrels from none other than Dr. Hedges. This barrel began as a 150 year old oak on his property, which he sustainably harvests, mills himself, ages the wood for three years then creates these unique casks.⁠

Cask 113 was filled with rye back in December of 2015 and has been quietly ageing ever since. At 59 months, this is our oldest single cask release yet, and it shows in the glass.⁠
Tasting notes: Candied citrus peel on the nose, with background notes of baking spices and honey. The palette brings out the pure rye grain base, showcasing rye's classic spice with undertones of toasted nuts and clover. Slowly add up to half water to really open it up, or enjoy neat.⁠



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