Rum 18 year 750mL
  • Rum 18 year 750mL

  • C$100.00

The first release in our new Here & There Series. A collaboration with like-minded distillers and crafters from around the world.


Started in Cuba, finished in Canada. This authentic Cuban rum was a co-lab with The Institute of Rum of Cuba (ICIDCA). We were privileged to work directly with the country’s most respected rum crafters who’ve created this limited batch release by hand.

This release is small, just over 1000 bottles and shows just how creative and complex rum crafted in small batches can be.

*distillery/online shop exclusive

Story time:

Two and a half years of work has gone into this bottle. Many trips, two governments, numerous batches, many firsts including the only time this distillery has ever sold rum to North America. Rum, being made from sugar cane, is a tough one for a craft distillery like us. We can’t grow our ingredients here, but we love it so much, so we’ve searched the globe for people who make rum the way we would if we could.

We’ve found them – Cuba’s smallest distillery, the Institute of Rum of Cuba (ICIDCA). Founded in 1964 by Che Guevara while he was the Minister of Industry, this tiny distillery mainly acts as the sensory lab for all Cuban rums before being sold out of the country to ensure their rums are of the highest quality on earth. They have been the deciding factor in what is and isn’t an exceptional rum in Cuba for the past 55 years. But they had a secret – one building filled with really old barrels of rum. We approached them with an idea… to collaborate on a new rum, bring it to Canada and tell their story. When we tasted this rum we knew we’d found it. This group of people shared the same ideas as to what a spirit should be – authentic. After a year of visits and sharing ideas, Idiana Blanco, ICIDCA’s master blender had created these two incredible rums for us to share with you.

We are beyond proud to bring this liquid back to Ontario and offer this limited release in our Sipping Room and online

We will be talking more about this in the future but this is the start of a new series – The Here & There Series – where we search out small distillers around the world using their local ingredients to make spirits as authentic as we would. We are working hard (and having fun) finding people creating authentic spirits with integrity and can’t wait to share them with you.


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