Plum Gin 750mL
  • Plum Gin 750mL

  • C$55.00

Batch 6 of this seasonal release. Barrel Aged Plum Gin.


Each summer we release one cask of our barrel aged Plum Gin. It's become quite the star around here with guests asking for it long after it has sold out.

This release is batch 6, so six summer of releases! Wowzers!

Crafted using a variety of Damson and purple plums grown and picked here in Niagara, this release is a blend of spirit from two unique casks; one three-year aged and the other two-years old. But this time we also added a splash of unaged Plum Gin to the mix.⁠

The resulting spirit has fresh, ripe plum flavour with a hint of sweetness + touch of acidity. Then you add in a little oaky undertone and we can't get enough of it!⁠

*distillery/online shop exclusive

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