Merch & Mixes


  • Craft Cocktails Book

    Craft Cocktails; Seasonally Inspired Drinks & Snacks From Our Sipping Room
    by Geoff Dillon & Whitney Rorison

  • C$ 26.95

  • Gin & Tonic Kit

    The perfect Gin & Tonic making set!

    1 x 375mL Unfiltered Gin 22
    1x Porter's Original Tonic Syrup
    1 x Dillon's Pear Bitters

  • C$ 55.00

  • Kvas Ginger Wildflower Syrup

    This Ginger Wildflower Simple Syrup mixes real ginger root, with local Niagara wildflower honey, to create a truly locally driven simple syrup, with the natural spice that a quality ginger cocktail deserves!

  • C$ 18.00

  • KVAS Lavender Jasmine Syrup

    This Lavender Jasmine Simple Syrup uses local, quality English Lavender and some of the finest Jasmine tea available to bring you a garden-fresh simple syrup that is sure to brighten up any spirit or tea you mix it with!

  • C$ 18.00

  • Kvas Northern Maple Old Fashioned

    This Northern Maple Old Fashioned Simple Syrup blends some of the most premium Niagara maple syrup, with spices and real hickory to give you a truly locally driven simple syrup, that will create the bartender-worthy old fashioned you deserve!

  • C$ 18.00

  • KVAS Whisky Cherries

    The ultimate cocktail garnish - made right here in Niagara by KVAS Fine Beverage Co.

  • C$ 23.00

  • Moscow Mule Kit

    Kit Includes:

    1 x 375mL Vodka
    1 x 100mL Lime Bitters
    2 x 473mL Canal Soda Co. Ginger Beer

  • C$ 40.00

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