Rose Gin 375mL
  • Rose Gin 375mL

  • C$25.00

Using our Dry Gin 7 as the spirit base, we infuse with rose hips and rose petals, then sweeten with organic cane sugar. Perfect on it’s own over ice or in a sparkling wine cocktail!


Traditional London-style gin infused with rose hips, rose petals, then sweetened. Excellent as an aperitif or in cocktails.

If James Bond could pause to enjoy his martinis, he’d probably demand it be made with Sloe Gin. Plucked from a time when the Britts ruled the world and drank elegantly from their tents in the middle of no where, our Dillon’s Rose Gin recipe does it right by infusing our seven botanical base with magical Rosehip and Rose petals in such a way that makes even M let her hair down.


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