KVAS Whisky Cherries
  • KVAS Whisky Cherries

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The ultimate cocktail garnish - made right here in Niagara by KVAS Fine Beverage Co.


Batch #2 of Kvas Black Pepper Whisky Cherries. Ripe Niagara cherries, steeped with Niagara Rye Whisky, hibiscus and black pepper. The best part about it? The cherries are multi-functional, with the syrup the cherries are steeped in being able to be used in cocktails! This is a seasonal product with a VERY LIMITED number of jars.

The batch sold here at the distillery is made exclusively using our very own Rye Whisky!

For sale NOW but Amy + Zac suggest waiting 3-4 weeks before cracking into the jar. Give them a little more time to mix and mingle with the syrup in the jar.

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