Golden Plum Schnapps 750mL
  • Golden Plum Schnapps 750mL

  • C$29.95

Crafted using our rye spirit and locally grown + harvested golden plums.


Just the right amount of tart & sweet, this liqueur is perfect for a Champagne cocktail, to add to your summer punch or white wine sangria.

The Golden Plum Schnapps is a spin on the classic North American schnapps style. Typically made with neutral spirit and artificial flavourings, ours is crafted with our rye grain spirit as the base and to that we are adding fresh golden plum juice and fermented juice. We then sweeten it with non-GMO organic cane sugar to 170g/L.
It is fresh and clean with loads of crisp tart plum aromas and taste. It is 100% natural, the way we like it.


*distillery/online shop exclusive


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