• Rye 1 Whisky 200mL


    Our truest expression of Rye Whisky.
    Crafted with 100% Ontario rye grain, copper pot distilled, aged in new Ontario oak. Bottled at cask strength. Single cask annual release.

  • C$ 30.00

  • Rye Whisky 750mL


    Crafted using 100% Ontario rye and aged for four years in new Ontario oak, new American oak & first fill bourbon casks, this is our truly grain-to-the-glass Rye Whisky.

  • C$ 44.95

  • Sipping Society

    Four seasonal shipments of our goods kit including something from the R&D Lab, something core and a bitters to keep the bar stocked. Sipping Society members always have first access to new and limited products.

  • C$ 500.00

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