• Hops Bitters


    A bold bitters created with 3 local hop varietals: Cascade, Mount Hood & Alpha Aroma. Add a dash to a pint or a citrus cocktail to give it complexity and a floral boost.

  • C$ 15.00

  • Hot Pepper Bitters


    Hot Pepper Bitters - Batch 3A rich bitters created from only natural botanicals & local hot peppers. Add a dash to your favourite cocktail to add complexity.

  • C$ 15.00

  • Kvas Ginger Wildflower Syrup


    This Ginger Wildflower Simple Syrup mixes real ginger root, with local Niagara wildflower honey, to create a truly locally driven simple syrup, with the natural spice that a quality ginger cocktail deserves!

  • C$ 18.00

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