• Lemon Bitters

    Lemon scent and taste, with highlights of cardamom and coriander among the spices adding flavour.

  • C$ 15.00

  • Lime Bitters

    Lime and more lime, with red peppercorns providing a bite at the finish.
    Perfect for everything from a Moscow Mule to a classic G&T.

  • C$ 15.00

  • Limoncello 375mL


    Crafted using our 100% Niagara grape spirit base that fresh lemons and lemon peel are steeped in along with cardamon and lemon verbena.

    About half the sweetness of a traditional Limoncello, this makes the perfect after dinner treat.

  • C$ 24.95

  • Maison Selby Elderflower Liqueur 750mL


    You'll fall in love with the familiar, sweet, floral notes of this luscious liqueur. Pairs beautifully with a flute of bubbles and soda, or try it in a classic sour with lemon.

  • C$ 55.00

  • Orange Bitters

    Crafted using a combination of orange varieties, accented with fennel, cardamom and verbena, with a smoky overtone, these are a must-have for your Old Fashioned.

  • C$ 15.00

  • Peach Bitters

    A Dillon’s + BYOB Cocktail Emporium collaboration.

    Fresh Niagara peaches and basil from the distillery garden.

  • C$ 15.00

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