• Dented Cocktail Syrups


    Man Down!
    The only downside to the metal tins that we use for our cocktail syrups is that from time to time, they get a little banged up. So we're selling the dented tins at a discount. Limited numbers of each.

  • C$ 15.00

  • Black Walnut Amaro 750mL


    Crafted using local wine and our grape spirit as the base, we have been steeping local fresh black walnuts for 14 months along with an array of botanicals. Our local take on the classic Italian liqueur.

  • C$ 50.00

  • Rye Whisky 750mL


    Crafted using 100% Ontario rye and aged for four years in new Ontario oak, new American oak & first fill bourbon casks, this is our truly grain-to-the-glass Rye Whisky.

  • C$ 44.95

  • Canoe Single Barrel Rye 750mL


    Inspired by our country’s raw, rich land, we partnered with Canoe to craft an iconic rye that proudly honours Canada’s history as one of the world’s top whisky producers.

  • C$ 75.00

  • Cassis 750mL


    Our take on the classic liqueur made with local black currants + our rye spirit as the base!

  • C$ 29.95

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