• 3/4 oz Tonic Cola Syrup


    Cola Maison is prepared in Montreal by 3/4oz. in small batches. It is made with citrus and spiced organic essential oils, which gives it a herbal flavour and delicate acidity.

  • C$ 25.00

  • Rye 1 Whisky 200mL


    Our truest expression of Rye Whisky.
    Crafted with 100% Ontario rye grain, copper pot distilled, aged in new Ontario oak. Bottled at cask strength. Single cask annual release.

  • C$ 30.00

  • Canoe Single Barrel Rye 750mL


    Inspired by our country’s raw, rich land, we partnered with Canoe to craft an iconic rye that proudly honours Canada’s history as one of the world’s top whisky producers.

  • C$ 75.00

  • Dented Cocktail Syrups


    Man Down!
    The only downside to the metal tins that we use for our cocktail syrups is that from time to time, they get a little banged up. So we're selling the dented tins at a discount. Limited numbers of each.

  • C$ 15.00

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