Black Walnut Amaro 750mL
  • Black Walnut Amaro 750mL

  • C$50.00

Crafted using local wine and our grape spirit as the base, we have been steeping local fresh black walnuts for 14 months along with an array of botanicals. Our local take on the classic Italian liqueur.


Another primo example of taking a classic liqueur and putting our own local twist on it! We’ve crafted our Black Walnut Amaro using local fresh black walnuts picked from the end of Tufford Road and steeped in our 100% Niagara grape spirit base. Some walnuts have steeped for over 2+ years. The rich, nutty spirit base is then blended with Niagara wine and botanicals and sweetened so bring a clean balance of bitter and sweet to the table.

Mix up your classic Manhattan by using the Black Walnut Amaro in place of the sweet vermouth.


*distillery/online shop exclusive


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