• Angelica Bitters

    The strong celery-like flavour of angelica makes this perfect for caesar cocktails.

  • C$ 14.95

  • DSB Bitters

    Our hard working multi-purpose bitters.
    Aroma of cherries, with overtones of vanilla, cloves, allspice, and cassia providing the complex of flavours and scents.

  • C$ 14.95

  • Fennel Bitters

    Made using fennel grown in our garden, along with select botanicals.

  • C$ 14.95

  • Ginger Bitters

    Made using only fresh ginger and other natural botanicals, the Ginger Bitters gives a little kick to any cocktail! Even great to cook with too.

  • C$ 14.95

  • Hops Bitters

    A bold bitters created with 3 local hop varietals: Cascade, Mount Hood & Alpha Aroma. Add a dash to a pint or a citrus cocktail to give it complexity and a floral boost.

  • C$ 14.95

  • Hot Pepper Bitters

    Hot Pepper Bitters - Batch 3
    A rich bitters created from only natural botanicals & local hot peppers. Add a dash to your favourite cocktail to add complexity.

  • C$ 14.95

  • Lemon Bitters

    Lemon scent and taste, with highlights of cardamom and coriander among the spices adding flavour.

  • C$ 14.95

  • Lime Bitters

    Lime and more lime, with red peppercorns providing a bite at the finish.
    Perfect for everything from a Moscow Mule to a classic G&T.

  • C$ 14.95

  • Orange Bitters

    Crafted using a combination of orange varieties, accented with fennel, cardamom and verbena, with a smoky overtone, these are a must-have for your Old Fashioned.

  • C$ 14.95

  • Peach Bitters

    A Dillon’s + BYOB Cocktail Emporium collaboration.

    Fresh Niagara peaches and basil from the distillery garden.

  • C$ 14.95

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