Bartender Curated Cocktail Kit

Kit includes:
1 x 750mL Dillon's Absinthe
1 x 375mL Dillon's Dry Gin 7
1 x Dillon's Fennel Bitters
1 x Dillon's Classic Simple Syrup
1 x ice mallet
2 recipe cards


A curated cocktail kit created by Tyrel Shaw, Toronto bartender and the brains behind Little Bigfoot, his cocktail consulting co.

This cocktail kit features all the Dillon's things needed to make two signature cocktails; the Basil Gimlet and The Erlenmeyer Flask.

Each kit includes all you see and the recipe cards. This kit will make 30+ cocktails.

A word from Tyrel:

"I’m Tyrel! You might recognize me from such bars as Cocktail Bar on Dundas, and probably Cocktail Bar alone. I’ve worked in hospitality for the past 14 years split between Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. I’m currently “freelancing" which is a fancy way of saying “playing video games and drinking Wray & Tings.” Feel free to drop me a line on Instagram (@tyrelasaurus) or follow me on Twitter (@tyrelasaurus) for all my hot takes on the state of bars and restaurants."


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