Affino Aperitivo 750mL
  • Affino Aperitivo 750mL

  • C$27.95

Uplifting lemon, earthy cinnamon, and orange are just some of the flavours you’ll experience in this bittersweet aperitivo. Made with natural flavours.


Affino is a bold reimagining of the classic Italian aperitivo. With a herbal backbone, Affino has a pronounced lemon flavour, with a long but subtle bitter finish.

While Affino is the perfect alternative for use in the classic Venetian “Spritz,” its lemon flavour is a wonderful complement to so many other effervescent beverages — beer, sparkling wine, soda or tonic. Low(ish) in alcohol content, Affino embodies the beauty of bitterness with the liveliness of citrus, making it a truly versatile bar essential.



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