6 pack Sanitizer 750mL
  • 6 pack Sanitizer 750mL

  • C$120.00

6 x 750mL bottles of sanitizer. THESE ARE GLASS BOTTLES WITHOUT SPRAY TOPS.
Liquid sanitizer - transfer to spray/spritz bottle.


Made from Ontario grown grain and grapes, this Health Canada approved hand sanitizer has been born out of necessity. We have converted our distillery into full-time hand sanitizer production during this pandemic and have so far provided over 30,000L’s completely free to over 1,500 hospitals, long-term care homes, shelters, police, fire and EMS departments, and so many more all across Ontario.

Sanitizer takes a lot of resources to make as it is twice as strong as a standard vodka or gin, meaning twice the raw product to create. To make one litre of sanitizer we need to start with 6L’s of our wine or 15L of our rye mash. Purchasing this bottle for personal use helps us cover those costs and continue to provide sanitizer free to those who need it most.

Natural Product Number:  80098209

ARTICLE NUMBER6 Pack Sanitizer 750mL

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