Merch & Mixes


  • Absinthe Fountain

    2-Spout Absinthe Fountain

    This two spout absinthe fountain is a reproduction of vintage 19th century Belle Epoque fountain. The top cover has the classic "acorn" top and is removable to add ice water into the glass bowl. The glass bowl is mouth blown and

  • C$ 250.00

  • Absinthe Spoon

    Assorted styles. Hope you don't mind us picking one for you!

  • C$ 12.00

  • Bitters Book

    A Spirited History of a Classic Cure-All
    by: Brad Thomas Parsons

  • C$ 27.99

  • Classic Absinthe Glass

    Assorted styles. We’ll pick our favourite and send it along. If you order multiples, we will do our best to make them match!

  • C$ 16.00

  • Cola Maison, Artisan Cola

    Small batch cola made in Quebec by 3/4oz Tonic Maison.

    Prepared in small batches, this cola is made with citrus and spiced essential oils, which gives it a herbal flavour and delicate acidity.
    Hello to the new Rye & Cola!

  • C$ 25.00

  • Copper Finished Spoon Straws

    It’s not just a straw! It’s also a spoon! Perfect for stirring and assisting you in drinking your favourite cocktail. Includes two polished copper finish spoon straws. Made by VISKI.

  • C$ 17.00

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