• Absinthe

    Batch 4 coming - August 18th, 2017
    An authentic Absinthe created by the vapour distillation and infusion of local wormwood and natural botanicals without the use of artificial colouring or flavouring.

  • C$ 69.95

  • Angelica Bitters

    The strong celery-like flavour of angelica makes this perfect for caesar cocktails.

  • C$ 14.95

  • Black Currant Bitters

    A rich bitters created from only local black currants harvested from the distillery and natural botanicals.
    Perfect way to give your Manhattan a twist or even a G&T.

  • C$ 14.95

  • Cherry Gin

    Crafted using the Dry Gin 7 as the base, our Cherry Gin is infused with local sour cherries, then lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar. Excellent as an aperitif or give your Negroni a local twist!

  • C$ 25.00

  • Christmas Gin 750ml

    Batch 3 will be released in-store on December 1st.

  • C$ 69.95

  • Cola Maison, Artisan Cola

    Small batch cola made in Quebec by 3/4oz Tonic Maison.

    Prepared in small batches, this cola is made with citrus and spiced essential oils, which gives it a herbal flavour and delicate acidity.
    Hello to the new Rye & Cola!

  • C$ 25.00

  • Dry Gin 7

    A traditional dry style gin made by vapour distilling through juniper and other botanicals. This classic gin is made from a base of 100% Ontario rye grain.

    The perfect Martini gin!

  • C$ 40.00

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